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    16 hours ago

    quote of the week
    "It's kind of fun to do the impossible."
    Happy rest - weekend and a nice upcoming week!

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  • future insight album 2013

    FRANK VICE-Promised Land (PR001)

    BY : Promenada Records, a sub division of AudioSlang Music Group

    Release Date : Dec, 23 Fri 2016

    future insight album 2013

    Valentina Moretti -Loverdose EP

    BY : AudioSlang Music Group

    Release Date : Oct, 24 Mon 2016

    future insight album 2013

    Yolanda Thomas – INTO THE ZONE (Re-release 2016)

    BY : AudioSlang Music Group

    Release Date : Oct, 10 Mon 2016



    event audioslang
    event audioslang


    Welcome aboard at AudioSlang®

    introducing the AudioSlang® Technology and its divisions

    AMG (Music Group Department)
    AS Labs (Technology research & science department)
    AS Studios 

    AudioSlang Music Group is a global music company that operates worldwide and has a fine roster of international independent and Major Artists and / or Producers, local heroes, award winning artists; International Superstars,DJ's. Although it is known as the renowned international music-brand for all types of music AudioSlang Music Group always supported and established new talents, bands and artists.

    Founded as a successful music project in 2002, AudioSlang® expanded in all music areas and categories with its own label-structure; the AudioSlang® Music Group; linked with our high renowned Studios

    AS STUDIOS 2 (nominated Designer-Recording & Mastering Studio)

    AS STUDIOS 3 (Graphic-Design and Animation Studio; the core of AudioSlang® Pictures) with a unique and loyal network.

    Promenada Records is the new member under the umbrella of the AudioSlang Music Group Brand which is focused on premium lounge- chillout & bar music as well as Deep House- Electronic music style . Presented by exclusive Artists it has its debut at the Winter Music Conference 2016 in Miami / Florida

    As a unique brand only we support new talents by our professionals,agents and lawyers; we prepare them for the music industry and collaborate with the global press and/or media.

    AMG not only defines music as a single source company, but also works collaboratively and strategically with the music industry, music societes, associations,agency, technology and media.

    AMG is proud member of ASCAP. AudioSlang® is also involved in a number of international activites supporting free education; working closely with nonprofit organizations (NPOs) and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs).



    AudioSlang® it's not a secret; it's our passion™


    AudioSlang is a registered trademark. All rights reserved

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