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april, 2018

Featured"TROPICANA SLANG SESSIONS" LIVE @ Miami Music Week 2018Tropicana Slang Sessions


Welcome aboard at AudioSlang®

introducing the AudioSlang® technology and its divisions
AMG (Music Group Department)
AS Labs (Technology research & science department)
AS Studios 
AudioSlang Music Group is a global music company that operates worldwide and has a fine roster of international independent and Major Artists and / or Producers, local heroes, award winning artists; International Superstars,DJ’s. Although it is known as the renowned international music-brand for all types of music AudioSlang Music Group always supported and established new talents, bands and artists.
Founded as a successful music project in 2002, AudioSlang® expanded in all music areas and categories with its own label-structure; the AudioSlang® Music Group; linked with our high renowned Studios


AS STUDIOS 2 (nominated Designer-Recording & Mastering Studio)
AS STUDIOS 3 (Graphic-Design and Animation Studio; the core of AudioSlang® Pictures) with a unique and loyal network.
Promenada Records is the new member under the umbrella of the AudioSlang Music Group brand which is focused on premium lounge- chillout & bar music as well as Deep House- Electronic music style . Presented by exclusive artists it has its debut at the Winter Music Conference 2016 in Miami / Florida
As a unique brand only we support new talents by our professionals,agents and lawyers; we prepare them for the music industry and collaborate with the global press and/or media.
AMG not only defines music as a single source company, but also works collaboratively and strategically with the music industry, music societes, associations,agency, technology and media. AMG is proud member of ASCAP.
Since the start of The AudioSlang® Laboratories in 2013 it has consistently involved itself with advanced research in the development and implementation of successful signal processing, audio technologies, audio-visual security systems and digital control centers. We are driven to explore and discover new technologies.
AudioSlang® is also involved in a number of international activites supporting free education; working closely with nonprofit organizations (NPOs) and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs).

We (R) Future – We (R) Technology


AudioSlang® it’s not a secret; it’s our passion™

Press And Media


  • - Verdugo Brothers
    “It’s a true pleasure for us…to be connected with people who are well-known in the dance music-scene,thank you.”
    - Verdugo Brothers
  • - Glen Mosley (Interscope)
    “Very nice, the music is a pleasure for everybody”
    - Glen Mosley (Interscope)
  • - Recording Magazine
    “Stunning sounds from the AS STUDIOS”
    - Recording Magazine
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